We provide you with all your requirements in your Cosmetics/Personal Care and Homecare projects.
In our laboratories, we create the final products upon the demands of our customers.
We design and manufacture products according to the requirements’ of our customers.

We support all your projects with the help of more than 2000 formulations in our database – fully in accordance with trends and  regulations – for all regions of the world.
We supply the raw materials for your projects.
We perform the cosmetic safety and performance tests required for the final products.
We provide theoretical and hands-on trainings all around the world, for our customers and business partners, thanks to our expertise in these fields for more than 10 years.

We provide consultancy for your projects.

Please contact us for more details of our services.

Cosmetic Products

-Cosmetics R&D include: Global markets, formulation development and design in line with the related regulations and specific requirements
- Formulation matching
- New application development for a given formulation or raw material

-Manufacture of cosmetic products

-Hair Care Formulations
Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, Scalp Care Serum and Oil, Split end serum and oil, Hair Dye, Temporary, Semi-Permanent and Permanent Hair Straighteners,
Hair Styling products: Hair gel, aerosol and non-aerosol sprays and mousses, styling wax, cream and serum.


-Skin Care Formulations
Facial cleanser, toner and moisturizing cream
Day and night cream
All skin products with anti-aging concept
Body care products
Shower gels, foams, soaps, peeling and scrub products.

-Sun Care products
Sun protection lotion, cream, spray and mousses
After sun lotion and gels
Self-tanning products

-Men Care Products
Shaving mousse, gel, cream.
Products enhancing the shaving, after-shave products and colognes.

-Special Products & Cosmoceuticals for Skin and Hair
Organic / Natural/ Natural Identical formulations (Ecocert, BDIH, Ecolabel etc. certified formulations)

Scalp care products to enhance hair growth, reduce hair loss and itching.
Skin care products for acne and blemishes
Depilatory products
Anti?perspirant and deodorant sticks, roll-on?s, sprays
Sanitizer gels (anti-bacterial cleansing)
Special products for skin spots
Anti-cellulite and firming products
Sensitive skin products
Intim area products
Foot care products
Baby and kids products

-Make Up Products

Makeup primer, foundation, tinted moisturizer, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, eye pencil, concealer, nail polish, nail care products, makeup fixing products.

-Wet wipes
Multi-purpose wipes, general hygienic use wipes, makeup cleansing wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, intim wipes, sun protection wipes, baby and kids wipes formulations

-Fragrance and Cologne Formulations

- Oral Care Formulations
Toothpaste, tooth whitening products, mouth washes.

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