We provide you with all your requirements in your Cosmetics/Personal Care and Homecare projects.
In our laboratories, we create the final products upon the demands of our customers.
We design and manufacture products according to the requirements’ of our customers.

We support all your projects with the help of more than 2000 formulations in our database – fully in accordance with trends and  regulations – for all regions of the world.
We supply the raw materials for your projects.
We perform the cosmetic safety and performance tests required for the final products.
We provide theoretical and hands-on trainings all around the world, for our customers and business partners, thanks to our expertise in these fields for more than 10 years.

We provide consultancy for your projects.

Please contact us for more details of our services.

Homecare and Industrial (HI&I) Products
Liquid dish wash and laundry wash detergents
Tablet and liquid detergents for machine use
Laundry softeners
Expert Cleaners for Bathroom and Kitchen
Cleaning and Fragrance Tablets
Furniture polishes
Multi purpose surface cleaners
Stain removers

Institutional and Industrial Cleaning Products (To be used in Hotels, Factories, Restaurants, Hospitals, Business Centers, Schools)

Liquid soap and Shampoos
Biological cleaners
Special cleaning products for glass, wooden, marble, and steel surfaces
Multi purpose cleaners
Soap based liquid cleaners
Acidic and Alkali cleaners
Bathroom and Toilet cleaners
Carpet cleaners
Metal polishes
Stain removers
Sink pump cleaners
Room and laundry fragrances
Hygenic sanitizers
Vehicle care products

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