Green Chemistry: Greener Than Ever

The key idea of green chemistry is to find solutions to the decreasing amount of fossil resources and to environmental issues by using alternative raw materials. Green chemistry also involves a list of actions to use energy efficiently and reduce wastes.

Alcoral shows and employs processes that use smaller amounts of energy.
Alcoral provides customers and business partners with designs of chemical processes that reduce waste and demand on these shrinking resources.

Specifically for Household and Institutionals, we show processes that use smaller amounts of energy. Greener solvents, greener detergents and reduced use levels with better efficacy are included within this scope.

Alcoral’s expertise for green chemistry are summarized below:

Working on less hazardous synthesis
Reducing waste materials and recycle them if possible
Designing safer ingredients and processes
Using safer solvents
Caring for environmental health and safety
Focusing on ways to reduce accidents
Using energy efficiently

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