Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation principle of Alcoral is: There is no limit in scientific research. We lead and reorient the chemistry by doing and supporting scientific studies, resulting in a more sustainable life.
One of the working principles of Alcoral is to produce more but waste less, plan the future by creating an efficient balance between a human-being’s needs and natural sources and bring the limitless innovation and limited sources together.

The first formula to obtain and maintain sustainability/innovation in large scale is to incorporate a raw material in an innovative formula and function with the optimum use level.
A new packaging and application type designed specifically for a formulation opens the door to a more efficient life in terms of both sustainability and innovation both in long and short term. 

Similarly, discovering the raw materials that work synergistically and using less material while obtaining more efficiency constitute the principles of innovation and sustainability. 

We establish the most important steps for a livable world thanks to these approaches in which we are experinced and gaining experience each and every day.  
Innovation and Sustainability depend very much on Knowledge. 

We harmonize our on-growing knowledge with our creativity and business partnerships so that we increase and spread innovation and sustainability. 

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